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Can I move to the UK?

Cause it seems like they might just get it there. Here’s a link to the speech given by Ashley Highfield, Director of BBC New Media & Technology, and here are 5 things you will NEVER hear an American Media leader say:

1. “At the simplest level — audiences will want to organize and re-order content the way they want it”
2. “We should create more programmes that come with the meta-data, the tags in the programme that allow it to be chopped up and consumed piece meal by the viewer. ”
3. “Traditionally we have always thought that TV was about lying back relaxing and at best, half hearted interaction. In fact, recent trials again in Hull proved otherwise — audiences want a lot more than this. They want to create their own content either from scratch, or perhaps using tools and support that a broadcaster can provide”
4. “Downloading and sharing this video is the final piece of the jigsaw and will create a killer combination that I believe could undermine the existing models of pay-TV. ”
5. “We are exploring legitimate peer-to-peer models to get our users to share our content, on our behalf, amongst themselves, transparently.”

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