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It's late, and I shoul

It's late, and I should be working on my bibliography for my assignment due tomorrow in INLS 180. Instead, I'm going to blog about Jean's post about being excited about technology. Here are the moments when I remember being wow'd by technology in some way:

1. In 1993, when a friend and I figured out how to get Mosiac running on the university system at Morehead State University. It involved a lot of kludging with setup in UNIX, and we weren't even sure why we were bothering until we saw our first webpage with images. Then we understood.

2. In 1991, when I started at Morehead, and got my first email account on Bitnet. I had to send mail through a gateway to get to other systems (like the Internet). It was still amazing.

3. In 1992 or so, when I discovered Usenet, and the amazing things that you can find out if you have the capability of asking several million people all at once.

4. In 1997 or '98, when we managed to get DSL in our apartment. Like Einstein told us, things really ARE different at high speeds.

5. When I came to SILS in 2002 and discovered 802.11b. It took me a week to see it in action, and immediately run out and buy a wireless router. When you combine speed with ubiquity, it's like having your own personal god on the couch with you answering your every desire.

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