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Just back from an evening i

Just back from an evening in Winston-Salem at Ziggy's, seeing the Gin Blossoms in concert. After the opening band (Atheneum) played, it seemed to take 4 years for the Gin Blossoms to hit the stage, but when they did, it was good. The lead (Robin Wilson) was a bit smarmy (sample quote “We've been playing air-conditioned clubs all summer..this is _such_ a welcome relief”. Ziggy's is open to the outside, so it was like 103 degrees or something in there). But they did bring down the house with a lot of their older songs…they finished up the main set with Hey Jealousy, and the guitarists and drummer just ate it alive. Wonderful energy.

Two best things in life right now, on this Friday in August:
1. A peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich on wheat bread
2. The new Jane's Addiction song and video (which I bet is making Jean's page refers real fun to read)

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