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CatHair and the Midgets

Betsy wanted me to blog about some of the more….mmmm…amusing aspects of my hometown. For instance, CatHair and the midgets.

Yes, you read that right: CatHair and the Midgets.

No, it's not a rock band, or anything of that ilk. CatHair was the nickname of the local tow-truck operater in Olive Hill (my home town). He lived in a section of town called Clark Hill, with a family of midgets (dwarfs…not sure what the appropriate PC term is here).

Did I mention that CatHair was an albino?

So in my home town, we had an albino tow-truck operator named CatHair who lived with a family of midgets. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. I come from a really, really wierd place.

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