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Realized that this blog is bec

Realized that this blog is becoming very random. I suppose that’s a good thing, since I’m kind of doing this for myself moreso than other people.

So, in the grand Blog tradition: a list of favorites….

Right now, I’m listening to probably my favorite band: Counting Crows. Got hooked on them with August and Everything After, and just love their use of language, Adam’s voice, and the layers that the now HUGE band create musically (they’ve got like 7 members currently…3 guitars, drummer, bass, Charlie, who plays everything from accordian to keyboards…and of course, Adam on vocals, ocassionally harmonica and piano).

So I’m listening to them, and trying to make sense out of RSS and XML feeds. It’s not often that I run across a tech acronym that I don’t know, but RSS was one of them. I’m fixing that now, hopefully.

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