Libraries and Mobile Devices: Public Policy Considerations

This is a panel that I was a part of at ALA 2009 on the future of mobile….phenomenal panelists. I was especially geeked to finally get to meet Eli Neiburger. Anyway, we all had something to say about the future of mobile, and what libraries need to be worried about. Watch it, and let me … Continue reading Libraries and Mobile Devices: Public Policy Considerations

Some clarification re:conferences

Just some quick thoughts about my recent posts, as responses to comments. Todd said: Virtual meetings are all very nice, but its never the same as meeting people in person. In addition, real-life conferences give you a chance to see places you might not have gone otherwise…virtual conferences mean you stay right where you are. … Continue reading Some clarification re:conferences

Conferences and revenue

After thinking a bit more on the conference issue, and reflecting on discussions I had with Michelle Boule at Internet Librarian, there’s another piece to the revenue puzzle that is worth considering. Warning: more numbers ahead. Let’s assume, for a moment, that everyone going to ALA Annual preregisters. Not true, but we’re looking for rough … Continue reading Conferences and revenue

Why online conferences win

After returning from Internet Librarian, I’ve been thinking a lot about conference models and how the ALA and library conferences in general need to change in order to survive the next 5-10 years. The existing ALA model is broken beyond repair, and while I know that the ALA has a task force on virtual membership … Continue reading Why online conferences win

Library Technology Conferences

Updated with correct URL!!! Please take our survey!!!! You will almost certainly see this call for input on a few blogs this week, as well as listservs and other electronic means of communication in libraryland. Consider that behind the scenes, some of us are trying desperately to build a different sort of library conference…Better than … Continue reading Library Technology Conferences

Head, Library Information Technology Services

If anyone reading this blog would do me a huge favor and throw a linkback or comment or mention on your blog my way…we’re trying desperately to find a great candidate for our recently vacated Head of Systems position here at UTC. The entire job ad is here, and here’s a brief description. If anyone … Continue reading Head, Library Information Technology Services