I haz a Kindle!


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Gonna be hard to top this Father’s Day present next year, but for my very first Father’s Day, Eliza and Betsy got me a Kindle! (yes I know it’s not quite Father’s Day…sue me, they gave it to me early.)

So far, the thing is really intriguing. The display is magical, the closest thing to paper I’ve ever seen for readability, and it took me about 3 minutes of using it to get used to the controls. The UI could be slight springier, with just a bit of lag between button press and effect, but again, I think something I’ll get used to quickly.

The downside? No EVDO service in Sewanee, which means no impulse buys while laying in bed. That’s actually probably not a downside, now that I think about it.

Anyway, if anyone wants to play with a Kindle, find me at ALA…I’ll have it with me.