Library Issues

Website update #X

Well, we’ve decided to use Joomla in the library website redesign, and I’m in the process of messing with a raw template and pushing it into the direction we want to go. Found a really excellent template that is pure CSS…too many of the ones we looked at used Tables for structure. But I’ve got a pure CSS one that seems to render well in IE, and if I can just move it over to variable width rather than fixed, I’ll be set.

But the next week or two will be me = coding hell. Send cookies.

Digital Culture

Work work work

All work and no blog makes Jason a cranky boy.

I’ve been spending nearly all my available neurons on the website redesign and my upcoming ALA presentation. Doesn’t help that I have a trip right after ALA as well, so time is getting shorter on the website.

As an update for anyone interested: we’ve formally decided to go with Joomla as our CMS. The support seems good, the tool seems to do everything we need, and the final decision-maker was that it seems much more intuitive than Drupal. Also, the actual text-editing for adding content is far easier, richer, and more Word-like than Drupal, which is a big deal in a library where we are going to attempt to decentralize some of the content creation. Now we’re on to info-architecture and template design….wish me luck.