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I can haz class!

The proposal that I put forward for a 1 hour class for incoming freshman at UTC was accepted! Here’s the title and description:

COURSE TITLE: Digital Revolution: Everything is different than everything before

The rise of the Internet and the conversion of popular media to digital forms (TV becomes YouTube, CD’s become iTunes) does far more than just make information portable. It effects the way we interact with it, create it, share it, and use it in our daily lives. This class will help you understand the ways that digital information changes the world you live in, and how the future might look given these changes. The class itself will be driven largely by student interests, but topics will include why the Internet is different than everything before it, what social information does to traditional publication models, and how the world is changing (or not) to meet the new information revolution.

Awesome! Can’t wait to get back into the classroom, even just a little.