Personal Sewanee

Sewanee in Spain

Cool blog from one of Betsy’s former students, now taking part in the Sewanee study abroad program in Spain:

Stranger in a Strange Land

Some great pictures, and a nice insight into college life abroad.

Master's Paper

Interesting thought for the day

I’m in the middle of reading a book that I rescued from ALA Midwinter titled The New Humanists, and came across the most lovely description of what computer science should be…I haven’t tracked down the exactly quote yet, so no attribution, but I wanted to get this blogged before I forgot it. The sentiment was, essentially, that we should come to realize that much like cosmology is the study of the cosmos and uses tools like optical and radio telescopes, computer science should realize that the study of computers should use computers as tools, and study the interaction and supervenient properties that emerge within computer networks. Computer = tool. Network = interesting. Properties of complex communication networks = most interesting.