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My body doesn’t want to cooperate

I’m slowly finding out that my body just doesn’t work the way that it “should.” It seems that I won’t be able to nurse Eliza, at least not without major help from formula. It is day 8, and my milk hasn’t “come in,” even though I am on some meds that are supposed to help. At first I was pretty depressed about this, since we had decided to nurse her due to all the well-known benefits (and because we have a rather pushy pediatrician who is convinced this problem is all in my head and that I must not be doing something correctly). But after finding out that there are others who have this problem, working with a lactation consultant who swears I’m doing everything “right,” following all the directions/advice, reading all the books…I’m starting to be at peace with this bump in the road. I am coming to terms with the fact that I gave it my best shot, and my body simply isn’t cooperating. It’s not the first time my body has been at war with my mind! At this point, though, we’ve decided that the most important thing is that Eliza thrives and grows, no matter how that has to happen. So formula it is.