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Root of All Evil

Here’s a great example of a TV show that will never, and I mean eeeeeeeever, be shown in the US. via BoingBoing

The Root of All Evil, a Channel 4 production in Britain, starring my main man Richard Dawkins. He’s been the loudest critic of religion for many years (the Salon article from April 2005 is a great example of his stances), and it appears that he’s taken his views to the small screen. His point of view is absolutely refreshing in this time of over-reactive religion in the US…it’s a bit like “what the hell is all this?” He’s just incredulous that in our age of better science than ever in the history of the world, and more and more proof for facts of the world like evolution that we’ve got more and more of the US buying into religious ideas. I’m not sure when this may be able to be purchased in the US, so I’ll just mention in passing that if you were to search sites that involved a type of file that rhymes with “RitRorrent”, that you might be able to find a copy now.


Happy Darwin Day!

In honor of the 197th birthday of Charles, everyone should take a moment and read a bit of the Origin of the Species, and remind ourselves that his ideas changed everything. Definitely one of the greatest works of humankind.