Join the Space Force!


Author: Ian Taylor

Year: 2005

ISBN: 1419608738

Just wanted to draw some eyes towards the Home of the Space Force, the website of the novel of a good friend of mine, Ian Taylor. The novel is called Spindle, and it’s a phenomenal first novel…funny as hell. It’s a sci-fi comedy, very British (although he’s not). It reminds me of Douglas Adams/Terry Pratchett/Monty Python sort of stuff, but in space.

If you’ve got some left-over money from Christmahanukwanza, this would be a great place to drop some of it.



I just moved my blog and site from ibiblio over to LISHost (Thanks Blake!) and am curious to see if everything is still functional.

If someone wanders by, could you leave a comment? Or if you can’t, let me know.

EDIT: As far as I can tell, everything seems like it’s working wonderfully. I’ve set up forwarding via .htaccess on the old address, so you’ll still get forward if you have links to it. But if you can, swap anything over to the new official address. But the .htaccess should keep anything from breaking severely.