My love for Tarantino and Rodriquez films (yes, even Spy Kids) runs deep, and to say that I was looking forward to Grindhouse would be putting it lightly. However, I have now read the most touching, heartfelt review of a film that I have ever had the pleasure of reading, and it has made seeing Grindhouse a religious quest. The depth of understanding that the reviewer brings to the analysis, the nuanced wordsmithery…this is a review that is, standing alone, better than 90% of the films on the market today. I can only imagine the film that inspired such words.

I give you: Neill Cumpston’s review of the epic Grindhouse. I wanted to provide an excerpt of his words here, to give you, dear reader, some tease of the wonders to come if you follow that link…but to take his words from their contextual bosom would be to rob them of their power and finesse. Just go, and read, and be enlightened.

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Great freakin’ prose. Guess I gotta go see that shiat now. Zombie Tits, a car chase, a dragon and more zombie tits … my kinda theatre.

Thanks for passin’ it on.

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