Twitters from 2008-11-04

  • heading out now to vote, taking Eliza with. Hope she makes the right choice. πŸ™‚ #
  • voted. Eliza made the right choice. #
  • waiting now for flu shot. Then to post office to mail passport renewal. #
  • for tweeps in California: vote NO on prop 8! #
  • @stevelawson Happy Bday! I hope you get the present you want…and the president you want! in reply to stevelawson #
  • @ksclarke – Heading your way today. We’re touring Appa State Library to get ideas for our new building. Hope to see you tomorrow! in reply to ksclarke #
  • on the road to Appalachian state univ. Touring library tomorrow. #
  • OH goes Obama! Game over, man…game over. #
  • @jenica26 I agree. I wanted this to happen for 2 years. Now that it’s here, it seems unreal. in reply to jenica26 #
  • @dwfree Agreed. CA, WA, and OR are 74 total. Obama has this one. in reply to dwfree #
  • Wondering about the election outcome? Check: #
  • CNN officiall projecting Obama wins. #
  • I’m speechless. So much hope for my country for the first time in 8 years. Don’t let us down, Barrack. #
  • Wikipedia article already changed for Obama. That makes it official. πŸ™‚ #
  • The next most important election is still undecided: Will Al franken win Minnesota?? #

Twitters from 2008-11-03


Twitters from 2008-11-02

  • Anyone out in Twitterland with a invite? I would greatly appreciate! #
  • Big day out, went by Omaba rally in Monteagle, picked up pins and yard sign. #
  • Eliza, for dinner, had hamburger, asparagus, part of a bun, and yogurt bites. She’s a bottomless pit. #
  • @joshuamneff somewhere between a quarter and half of one, the top of a bun, and about 6-8 asparagus tops. She’s a pit, I tell you. in reply to joshuamneff #
  • @DavidBThomas Is it one of the small square Airport Expresses? If so, it makes a dandy audio extender if you use iTunes. in reply to DavidBThomas #

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Twitters from 2007-08-04

  • Thinking it’s really funny to look at my twitter friends and see all those red locks…. #
  • @cindi: go forth and download Handbrake. it will solve your dvd problem #

Twitters from 2007-08-03

  • Up far, far, far too early (4:15 am) so that I can go on the GA trip. Will sleep in the van. #
  • pulling into ga state university #
  • ga state renovation = awesome #
  • my sister is having a boy! #

Twitters from 2007-08-02

  • @ijastram: holy shit! police first, then inventory, then change locks… #
  • @ijastram: and then email or im if you need to talk #
  • More ILS problems this morning…the upgrade borked everything, including my URL (which borks OpenURL resolver, which borks article search.) #
  • Heading out finally: going to visit GTech and GA State tomorrow in Atlanta. #

Twitters from 2007-08-01

  • @shels: Congratulations! That’s really great… #
  • Twitter > Pownce. It’s all about the community… #
  • Univ. changed wireless setup AGAIN: now students have to download a “security plugin” before they can get online. Insanity. #

Twitters from 2007-07-31

  • Up early, heading to doctor visit, then ILS hell all day. #
  • I has been censored! #
  • @smalljones: not for me (or others, it appears)…try again. #
  • Hypothetical question of the day: Should one include Google Pagerank in CV? #
  • Alrighty then…some good stuff done today: updated CV, troubleshot EZProxy hackers, collection development. Tomorrow: ILS goes back up! #