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Sponsor Eliza for St. Jude Children’s Hospital Trike-a-thon!

Snack timeEliza and the Sewanee Children’s Center are participating in the St. JudeĀ Trike-a-Thon to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Not only is the Trike-a-thon an opportunity to give to an awesome charity, it’s also part of a campaign that teaches riding safety. You can sponsor her in any amount, no matter how small.

Eliza participated last year, and was determined to take part, even though at the time she could barely reach the pedals of the trikes. She rode 2 laps last year, which was a huge accomplishment…she still talks about it a year later, and is excited to be doing it again.

Below is a Paypal button connected to my Paypal account. After the Trike-a-Thon this Friday (Apr 29, 2011), I will deposit any money in the account directly to the charity, and I will match the first $50 of donations dollar-for-dollar. Your donation is a flat amount, not a per-lap, and any amount, even $1, is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your generosity, and for helping both Eliza and St. Jude.