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Hot Library Action

From The Nonist, some Hot Library Smut:

Yesterday I came across a truly gorgeous book of photographs by Candida Höfer titled, Libraries, a title which pretty much says it all, because that is just exactly what it is, one rich, sumptuous, photo of a library interior after another. It’s like porn for book nerds. Seriously. They are gorgeous photos, nearly all without visitors and just begging to be entered. (ha. sorry.)

And boy are they some pretty pics:


If you want your very own library porn, you can order it from the publisher.


Graffiti No. 2

Another graffiti picked up around the library. This one is a bit more surrealist.

Burn More Gasoline


Graffiti No. 1

I’ve decided to start blogging the more interesting images that I find around me. My Razr has come in terrifically handy for capturing my favorites…mostly graffiti and signs that I find interesting/humorous/both.

Here’s one from my library, from one of the men’s restrooms.

Be Good