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The Reason for the iPad Mini

From: The Reason for the iPad Mini – Main –

The Reason for the iPad Mini - Main -

Really great analysis about why, come October, we’re likely to see a smaller-form factor iPad from Apple. The current betting pool looks like it will be a 7.8 inch screen, and given this chart, you can be sure it’s going to fill in that lower-end range for Apple.

My guess? They will probably have an 8GB version that starts at $199, and extends to the $350 or so range at a range of storage sizes. I’m curious what that means for the iPod Touch, long-term…but for now, I think they will likely just maintain the line. If anything, it might put a bit of downward pressure on the Touch price. I can see Apple dropping the lowest spec Touch down to $99, and the going up from there.

Apple is very, very good at taking the oxygen out of a market.

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Somewhere, deep, in the bowels of Apple, there’s probably a chart that looks like that (except prettier). And there’s probably someone there who comes into work everything morning, just burning about the fact that the 64GB unlocked iPod 4S isn’t selling for $500 and the 8GB iPod Touch isn’t selling for $250—think about all the money they’re leaving on the table!

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