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Perpetual Beta, Signing Off

On December 28th I received notice from George M. Eberhart, the Editor for American Libraries Direct, that my contract with American Libraries for Perpetual Beta is not being renewed. As of December 31st, my involvement with this experiment in blogging will end.

Perpetual Beta was, to my knowledge, the first American Libraries blog written by a non-staff member. It was originally conceived of by myself and Sean Fitzpatrick as a way of highlighting edgy, interesting tech that pushed the boundaries of what might be considered “library technology.” I tried very hard to curate the content that it linked to in such a way that it might help illustrate where libraries have opportunities in technology that might not be completely obvious. I hope that some of you out there in libraryland found it useful, and got some measure of value out of the two years that I’ve been writing and curating Perpetual Beta.

The content that exists here on Perpetual Beta will continue to live here, so don’t worry about links breaking just yet. And while American Libraries may use this site or the Perpetual Beta name for other projects, if you’re looking for my stuff…well, here’s a short list of where you can still find my writing:

Pattern Recognition:
ALA TechSource:

I’m still deciding what I will do with the sort of content that I curated for Perpetual Beta. I may create a new site for it, or I may continue to use my Tumblr blog ( to collect this sort of thing. Whatever I choose to do, if you’re interested in what I’ve done here at Perpetual Beta over the last two years, keep an eye on the above and I’ll announce it as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone for reading, and thanks to American Libraries for keeping it going this long. If you can, drop a note here in the comments…I’d love to know if this has been valuable to you.

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past…” – Thomas Jefferson

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