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First airplane ride

Stop the photos mom!

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Eliza took her first major trip, all the way to Cleveland to see our wonderful friend Titi (Chrysty). It was a big adventure, and she handled it all with characteristic maturity and grace. I forget she is only 2 sometimes. None of it frightened her, and her ears didn’t even hurt. She was perfectly peaceful the whole time, looking out the window and reading books. I think she is a born traveler. She had a bit of trouble sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings, mostly because she has totally outgrown the pack n’ play to the point where it is now uncomfortable. Otherwise, the trip was a wonderful success, and we had a lot of fun.

Her favorite activity on the trip? Build-a-Bear, where she made a pink bear that she calls Dot Dot, complete with a Sleeping Beauty dress and crown. Ah, my girly girl. How did a child of MINE become such a princess?

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