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Eliza’s 2 and a half

she’s freaking adorable

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So Eliza is officially at the half-way point of her 3rd year of life. I haven’t done a “profile” in a while, so I thought it would be interesting.

Favorite foods: cheese (some things never change), pizza, strawberries, cherries, peanut butter

Favorite books: huge collection of Dora stories (thanks, Bridgette!), Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too, Angelina Ballerina, Lady Bug Girl, Lady Bug Girl at the Beach. Do you see a pattern? Anything with a human or human-like female character.

Favorite media: any and all Disney movies that have a female protagonist, especially the old animated Alice in Wonderland; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; Winnie the Pooh movie

Favorite toys: she’s not a toy kind of kid. Prefers her “lovies” (stuffed animals), books, and movies. Very occasionally plays with her tea set, play food and kitchen, and Melissa and Doug magnetic dress-up dolls

Hobbies: playing games on her dad’s iPad (no joke), playing dress-up (loves to be Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty), looking at her High Five magazines (thanks, Titi!), splashing in her kiddie pool, telling stories, role playing (“you be robin and i’ll be batman!”), singing and dancing, dancing and singing.

Developments: is now in the “big kids'” class at preschool and seems to be happy there; has been completely potty trained since 22 months (yay!); now drinks from a regular cup.

What’s next? Who knows!

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