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I think the most fascinating process in Eliza’s growth and development so far is watching her learn about emotions: what they are, how to talk about them, and how to recognize them in others.

Every morning, daddy says, “How do you feel?” And she always says, “Happy!” She also reports on the well-being of her classmates at daycare. So-and-so cries. So-and-so sad. And she knows the word “scary,” and uses it more or less correctly, like when she pointed at the covers of some of Jason’s videogames and said, “Mommy, that’s scary.” So I moved them. She looks carefully at the faces in her books, and tells me which ones are angry, sad, happy, surprised.

But the best of all is hearing her say, “I love you,” which comes out more like “I duv u.” But we know what it means. And it’s awesome.

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