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No rest for the weary

IMG_2067, originally uploaded by griffey.

Eliza has been going through what some call a “sleep regression.” Probably due to some crazy developmental stuff that’s keeping her body and brain too jacked up to settle down properly, she has decided she hates going to bed. This is the same child who was “Ferberized” at 6 months and has gone to bed easily and happily since then and slept through the night with no problem. All of a sudden, she is afraid of the dark, or doesn’t want to be away from mommy and daddy, or simply doesn’t want to go to bed. So for a week, bedtime has become traumatic for everyone.

We tried a nightlight. It made things worse (creepy shadows). She has plenty of “lovies” in the bed with her and her “bankie,” which is the same one she’s always had. We use the same iron clad (and, until now, successful) wind-down routine: bath, books, singing, bed.

Last night was a little bit better. I’m not sure what made a difference, though. Hopefully every night will get a little better until this phase is finally over.

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