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Big Girl

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Eliza has had lots of “big girl” moments lately…

* She has started to use the potty, although not consistently, and certainly not if she’s too busy playing. She has gone successfully about 8 times. And she usually tells us when she needs to go.

* Is now drinking well out of cups with lids/straws (rather than spill-proof sippy cups) and is starting to work on regular cups.

* Knows what it means to “ask like a big girl” (without whining, saying please). Often needs to be prompted, but at least she knows the difference.

* Can jump!!!! Her feet finally came off the ground the other day, and now she’s doing it consistently.

* Can climb up on her step stool to wash her hands, and climb down when finished. Will do this when asked.

* Can draw a circle! It happened out of nowhere, but she has repeated it several times. Pretty impressive!!!

* Knows emotion words like mad, sad, happy, excited, and scared. Starting to tell us how she is feeling and notice how others are feeling, too.

* Occupies herself for much longer periods of time. Her favorite way to do this is to pull all the books off her shelf and look at them. Asks us to put her mattress on the floor so she can sit and “read” by herself. When Daddy asked if she wanted him to read to her this morning, she said, “I do it myself.”

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