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Eliza profile: nineteen months

IMG_8093, originally uploaded by griffey.

Because I’m tired, I’ll just do a brief update rather than my usual laundry lists. Plus, we’re entering the phase of toddlerhood where not as much changes from month-to-month as it once did.

Biggest development: Eliza has a new obsession with dressing up. As you can see in this photo, she hardly goes anywhere without several necklaces. She has been known to walk around the house with 8-10 necklaces, several scarves, and mom’s underwear around her neck while wearing a hat, dad’s socks, and mom’s shoes. She also loves to put stickers on her left arm (she is very obviously right-handed). She is all about adornment right now. This stage is a mystery to me, since I don’t remember being much of a dress-up kid.

Needless to say, she’s going to go crazy for Halloween this year. She will be the kind of kid who won’t leave the house without her ____ costume, even though Halloween was three months ago.

Other changes / developments: lots more eating with a spoon or fork, although she’s kind of lazy about it sometimes. She is now saying “sorry” at (mostly) appropriate moments. Hates to get scolded. Absolutely loves nursery rhymes and makes me repeat them over and over. No longer in love with yogurt. Has discovered the joy of apple slices. Wants her food separated (she apologized to the apples this morning when mommy foolishly put grapes in the same bowl with them). Has used the potty once and is clearly interested in it. Pretends that her animals and dolls go to the potty.

Still the same: her favorite activity is still reading, but now she has memorized several books and “reads” to her dolls. Still loves to dance, listen to music, and wrestle with Daddy. Still loves icecream (who doesn’t?).

Wow, Eliza is 19 months old. And every day is still a big adventure.

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