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National Cornbread Festival

IMG_1086, originally uploaded by griffey.

Took Eliza to another festival this weekend, and she seemed to get more attention than all the cornbread. Wherever we go, people want to talk to her and touch her. Or we hear them talking about her. She has no idea how powerful she is. Yet.

We ate lots of yummy fair food (freshly fried potato chips, barbecue, hot dog, ice cream, kettle corn). Eliza was in heaven. Heard some decent bluegrass music, watched some juggling on stilts, looked at John Deere tractors and giant cow statues, and played with rubber ducks floating in a fountain.

We didn’t ride any rides, but she had a blast looking at all the bright spinning things. She kept saying “Wow! Wow! Wow!” It was clearly a feast for her little tummy AND her little eyes.

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