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Eliza profile: one year!

IMG_7076.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

Hobbies: driving (just kidding!), walking (or should I say toddling), putting thing into containers and dumping them out, finger painting, reading books with mom and dad, feeding her babies and stuffed animals, feeding mom and dad, mimicking sounds and words.

Favorite books: Where to begin? Especially loves all books by Matthew Van Fleet (lots of cool textures) and the “That’s Not My…” series (she has robot, monster, and snowman…guess who got her which book, mommy or daddy???)

Favorite foods: We’ve unfortunately slipped into toddlerhood in this category. Is now rejecting old favorites (read: lots of the vegetables she once loved!). Greatly prefers things like cheese, any kind of bread product, turkey, ham, yogurt, Goldfish crackers, and most fruits. Is on an interesting and strange strike against pears, though. Surprisingly doesn’t like her Dad’s delicious scrambled eggs. Hoping she’ll come around.

Favorite toys: She got lots of new stuff for birthday and Christmas, but she loves all the books the most. Also her new drum and instrument set from Nana. Still obsessed with any and all baby dolls. Also likes her shape sorter, which she can do with help.

Changes and milestones: has at least one of her molars and is getting the other three. Has been a trooper about it, though. Now sitting forward facing in her carseat. Started walking for real a few days before Christmas! Can climb steps frighteningly fast. Says lots of words and learns more almost every day. Her favorite new word is “ball,” which comes out more like “baw.”

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