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First Birthday Party!

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We had a small party for Eliza yesterday, and she had her first taste of cake. We baked a cupcake just for her, a smaller version of the big cake (yellow with buttercream frosting and sprinkles). It was a HUGE hit, and she ate every single bite and wanted more frosting. That’s my girl!

We had a great crowd, and everybody seemed to enjoy the festivities. Eliza had help opening her gifts from some two-year-old friends, and she seems to like her new loot. She got lots of books, bath toys, a stuffed seal from Daddy, a toy phone, a cool shape sorter, and a gorgeous handmade vest.

The big day is tomorrow, 12/15. One year old! None of us can believe it.

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Happy first birthday to Eliza! What an amazing year we’ve seen of developments and trials and joys and smiles and craziness (speaking for ourselves with this particular adjective!) with our December birthday girls. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

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