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So, I’ve decided that Eliza just doesn’t “get” that her knees have any sort of function. She creeps forward on her belly pretty fast, but won’t actually crawl on all fours. In fact, she doesn’t even do the characteristic “rocking” of the pre-crawler. She never gets up on her knees period. Also, she can’t yet put herself in the sitting position from her belly. If only she could put her little knees under her and lift her butt in the air, new things would start happening.

Most of her little “friends” and her cousin are crawling now, but we’re thinking she might just skip it all together.

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Hey, we never thought James would crawl either, and now he’s a totally mobile baby. (Yikes!) For him, though, it was daycare that did it: within two weeks of seeing the other kids crawl, he was doing it too.

Keep in mind, he’s three months older than E, so she’s hardly behind the curve or anything.

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