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Six month challenges

IMG_4204.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey.

So the bottom teeth have broken through. Huge sigh of relief! Now, there’s at least one of her top teeth trying to come through as well. We had one glorious grump-free day (yesterday), and now she’s fussy again. Poor girl. I know it must hurt.

Another recent challenge: sleeping in her crib. She has decided she’d rather be with us, wherever we are. So she cries when she wakes up in the middle of the night and we’re not there. It has gotten so bad that not even our patting/shushing works anymore. It used to work perfectly, and she would barely wake up. Now, she is completely awake, thrashing about, crying and screaming unless we pick her up. All this means one thing: it’s time for the dreaded sleep training. We’ve been putting it off for months. We’re not even sure we agree with the whole idea. But here we go. Desperate times, desperate measures.

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