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Snow Crash

Betsy surprised me a few days ago with this, which she claims is either a late birthday or early father’s day present: a signed, numbered, limited edition of Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.IMG_3153.JPG

It’s put out by Subterranean Press, and is gorgeous. Subterranean is a press that specialized in high quality printings of limited edition fantasy, scifi, and horror…I want to own nearly everything they print.

But for now, I will just stare and covet my copy of my preciou….I mean, Snow Crash.

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Coolness! Enjoy that precio… ahem… that gift! Believe it or not, I’m familiar with Subterranean – I love James Blaylock’s writing, and his writing sometimes surfaces at Subterranean.

Lucky! I saw this in your flickr stream when you posted it, and showed Drew the title page. “Looooook…. preeeettttyyy…” but he was not enticed into thinking we need Subterranean volumes in our library. Rats.

I resisted buying it because I still have my plain ol’ paperback copy from the 1990s–one of my favorite books, still–but I have to admit those Subterranean editions are awfully nice. I have the George R.R. Martin retrospective they did; in addition to providing insight into his development as an author, I’m pretty sure it would do well as a home-defense implement should we ever be burglarized. The phrase “hefty tome” rather applies here.

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