The Living Dead

Diary of the Dead

Romero! The Living Dead!

As most of you know that have been reading for any length of time, I’m a huge sucker for zombies. Romero is the king of the zombie film, so this is a must-see for me. I’m a little worried about it coming out near Cloverfield, which takes the first-person-Blair-Witch style storytelling to a major motion picture, and it looks like this might be seen as a rip off. In any case, Romero + zombie = The Win.

By griffey

Jason Griffey is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at NISO, where he works to identify new areas of the information ecosystem where standards expertise is useful and needed. Prior to joining NISO in 2019, Jason ran his own technology consulting company for libraries, has been both an Affiliate at metaLAB and a Fellow and Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and was an academic librarian in roles ranging from reference and instruction to Head of IT at the University of TN at Chattanooga.

Jason has written extensively on technology and libraries, including multiple books and a series of full-periodical issues on technology topics, most recently AI & Machine Learning in Libraries and Library Spaces and Smart Buildings: Technology, Metrics, and Iterative Design from 2018. His newest book, co-authored with Jeffery Pomerantz, will be published by MIT Press in 2024.

He has spoken internationally on topics such as artificial intelligence & machine learning, the future of technology and libraries, decentralization and the Blockchain, privacy, copyright, and intellectual property. A full list of his publications and presentations can be found on his CV.
He is one of eight winners of the Knight Foundation News Challenge for Libraries for the Measure the Future project (, an open hardware project designed to provide actionable use metrics for library spaces. He is also the creator and director of The LibraryBox Project (, an open source portable digital file distribution system.

Jason can be stalked obsessively online, and spends his free time with his daughter Eliza, reading, obsessing over gadgets, and preparing for the inevitable zombie uprising.

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oh wait. this is romeros movie. there was another british one that came out not long ago with the same zombie+blair witch premise. id provide a link but im at work. zombie chronicles maybe?

Night of the living dead is one of my all time favorite. I love zombie movies. I loved Dawn of the Dead…Even day of the dead was pretty cool. I read the “zombie survival guide” several times. I friggen love zombies.

I wanted to see this movie so bad. I took a bus 2 hours to go see it….

At the end of the film…..I booooed at the screen. It was crap. Horrid horrid crap. It was so bad that I can;t even begin to explain every reason, as it would take all night and require me to relive this disgusting attempt at a movie.

All I can say is…every thing in this movie sucks. Everything…..except the amish guy. If the whole film was about him, maybe it would have been good.

What can even be said of such a bad film, silly idiotic characters acting like morons in ways that boggle the very mind. These characters are ridiculous, there action senseless and stupid. But even worst it is over the top annoying in its pretentious self righteous goobly gook……which gets rammed down your throat at every moment…to the point that I wanted to just yell at them to STFU.

As you can tell I am at the point of anger over how bad this movie was (not to mention the 4 hours of riding the bus)

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