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Eliza Rhea Griffey


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Welcome Eliza Rhea Griffey, born at 12:47 am.

6 pounds, 5 ounces, 21 inches.

She’s healthy and wonderful, and Betsy is recovering well.

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Could I possibly be the first to comment? She is GORGEOUS (as we knew she would be). Well done Betsy. Cannot wait for more pictures and updates. BTW my prediction of Saturday was indeed correct! Va.

Ah, Griffeys. What a lovely little girl! Congratulations to you both, and good luck. She’s already a cutie…Jason, you’ll have your hands full in high school *wink* And in the pic she looks like she’s already giving you orders! *grin*

Again, adorable. Good work!

YEEEAAHH! She is so beautiful guys! You made a good baby!! πŸ™‚ Ask Betsy–when can I call??!!! I want some details!
LOVE to all three of you and our most heartfelt congratulations!!
Bridge, Andy and Peyton

Samantha: She’s lovely! We’re so happy to hear that all are well. We’re very impressed that you got open-eyed pictures in her first few hours.

Travis: Congratulations, you can breathe now. I’m very very happy for you. We’ll come visit in spring.

Miryam: Betsy looks like Mommy when she had Norah, tired but happy.

Norah: Gah!

Happy Birthday, Eliza — the whole internet was waiting in breathless anticipation for you to arrive! With that kind of welcome, you have to know how much you were wanted. πŸ™‚

Wow! She is beautiful. Does is seem real yet?

Here’s Andrea’s thought for the day:
If she hasn’t done it yet, Eliza will eventually give you a look tht will let you know she is well aware y’all have no idea what you’re doing – and she’ll be right. I think one of the greatest gifts of having a newborn is that she will teach you even more than you will teach her. How awesome is that!

Let us know when you’re ready for us to come over to bring dinner and do dishes. We have some karmic payback to do πŸ™‚

Congratulations from all of us!

BTW – Zach wanted me to mention that he was one ounce bigger than Eliza when he was born πŸ™‚

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