Preparing for the onslaught

So the relative blog silence has been brought on by the frenzied preparation for the beginning of the semester. We’ve updated our ILS, which brought about a TON of unforeseen changes (doesn’t it always?). Our vendor, VTLS, pointed out time and time again that our installation was a bit odd…it was originally done by someone very familiar with the software, and he took lots of liberties with the install. This means a LOT of things don’t work for us…directory structures are all wrong, so stuff just often falls apart when you try to run it.

As a consequence of moving to a more standardized install, the URL for our catalog changed.

I’ll say that one more time. The URL to our catalog changed.

Do you have any idea how many freaking things depend on that URL? I certainly do now.


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Yep. I know *exactly* where you’re coming from. Get this — when we launched our new endeca-powered OPAC earlier this year, we *chose* to change the URL. That’s right, we did it on purpose. And now, in the mad dash to get our website up-to-date for the Fall, I’m dealing with the ramifications of that choice. So, yeah, I feel your pain.

Yikes! That ranks right up there with changing ISPs – and thus one’s IP range. I do know how many things depend on the URL to your catalog and I feel your pain too!!!!

Rule #1 with VTLS — always update your test server before proceeding to update the production box. It looks like is humming along just fine; I’m guessing it wasn’t updated?

Suggestion #2 — Check the VTLS installation notes I left behind.

Specific suggestion #3 — Two paths that need to be updated with a VTLS upgrade: 1) a symbolic link to the new directory (in /www I think) and 2) check the path in httpd.conf, then restart Apache.

Hope this helps!
A recovering systems librarian

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