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Silversun Pickups

Carnavas In one of my few recent real musical finds, I give you Silversun Pickups (or sspu as they’re known online). I picked up their album Carnavas after randomly hearing Melatonin while browsing in a record store (yeah, they still have those!). I recommend you head over to amazon or youtube and give them a listen, because I’m not sure that I can give their sound a good description. It’s like….Smashing Pumpkins meets Toad the Wet Sprocket, or what Coheed & Cambria might sound like if they partied with The Doors. Melody and guitar effects merge with cosmic keyboards and a great sense of rhythm to create a wall of sound that I’m finding addictive.

The amazon reviews all talk about how they’re part of some grunge revival (ummm….ok, now I feel really old). That I’m not so sure of, but I do know that I’m digging on them more than any band I’ve heard in some time.

Here’s some more info on them from their label. Evidently I’m just not plugged in to pop culture anymore, since they’ve played the Tonight Show and Carson Daily. But even so, they’re really great…check them.

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Yep, they are good. Been listening to them on Indie Pop Rocks, and recently happened to see them perform at Virgin, but haven’t been to a show yet. Get the Pikul EP. Lots of good songs on it.

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