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Year Zero

One of my favorite bands has taken an interesting route in publicity for their new album, Year Zero. The album is a concept album concerned with government takeover, corruption, the drugging of the populace, and the downfall of the US.

In promoting the album, they’ve set up a sort of Alternate Reality Game that people are in the middle of now. It began with a website address encoded in the letters on the back of the latest tour shirt, and has continued from there. Last night there was a USB key discovered in the rest room of their latest concert stop that had on it an apparent cut from the new album…and it was determined to be authentic because someone decided to analyze the spectrum of the song and discovered a hidden image in the spectrum, something you couldn’t get by simply encoding an MP3 in a normal fashion.

The best initial discussion of the mystery is taking place over at Echoing the Sound, but there is a wiki that should take over soon, and as always, wikipedia is up on things.

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