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Five Things

A bit late to the party, but Iris tagged me, so here they are:

Five things you probably don’t know about me

  1. I was once so ill as a child that my parents were told by doctors that I was going to die. I got better.
  2. I have held many really interesting jobs, including: pathogenic microbiology technician, Cave guide at a KY State Park, and Assistant web designer way back in 1996.
  3. I can juggle flaming torches…3 of them, but at one point could do 5.
  4. I love professional wrestling, especially Lucha Libre and Puroresu. There’s a mythology there that’s missing in our time.
  5. I’m incapable of being grossed out…blood, guts, gore, nothing really gets to me. This is true for both movies and real life. I’ve performed first aid on a motorcycle slide victim (missing most of the skin on his left side), been the first responder to a traffic fatality, and examined a medical cadaver. I don’t have a problem with vasovagal syncope.

Not sure if any of them will take me up on it, but I’ll tag Justin, Jason, and Eprahs.

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