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Learning Styles

Ethan with Kolb A great deal of today was spent trying to wrap our heads around Kolb’s Learning Styles inventory, developing lessons that incorporated as many of the styles as possible, and examining our own preferences in instructional design with Kolb as a lense. Rewarding, but difficult stuff to work through.

We also had the pleasure of having Randy discuss our primary instructional tool: ourselves. We looked at voice, body, and attitude as it relates to the instructional arena. Again, incredibly rewarding stuff, and things that definitely aren’t taught during the MLS. I’m learning about 2-3 things every day that will directly influence my instruction at UTC…which, I suppose, is the point, after all.

Tonight = mock instruction, with the real thing tomorrow.

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Kolb’s learning styles are nice to use. If you haven’t looked into Howard Gardner’s work and multiple intelligence instructional design already, take a look. I use MI in designing a corporate unversity program for the mortgage industry and it was wildly powerful and effective. Sounds like a neat course you are in right now.

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