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ALA Day One – Google!

Tales, Tips and Tools: Book Search, Scholar and the Library Team
Ben Burnell, Google Library Partnerships

Once more: notes in the form of a bulleted list!

  • Larry and Sergey’s idea started as a library concept…digitize the library, make it rankable.
  • Google Print Book Search divides books into three main IP categories: Public Domain (hey, I won a hat for knowing who Emily Dickinson was!), In Print, and “other”.
  • Here’s a sobering thought: over the Google 5 (the five libraries in the Book Print project), 60% of the books in the libraries are held in only one of the participating libraries.
  • Another sobering statistic: of the Google 5, only 20% of the books in the library are in the public domain.
  • Example from Google Book Search: Earl Robichau, in a picture in a book, is discovered when his great nephew find his name in Google Book Search.
  • 5% of books are currently in print.
  • The “snippet” view is designed to legally display and make findable the other books…those not in print and those not in the public domain.
  • So there are three ways to look at a book in Book Search: Full Book View (Public Domain), Snippet view (Unknown copyright status), Sample Pages view (In Print, agreement with publishers).
  • Google Scholar

  • Will provide article results, book results, and citation results.
  • Great quote: It’s better to be frustrated than ignorant.
  • At AASL, Google handed out 200 invitations to the Google Librarian Newsletter…and got 3000 signups in a week.

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