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ALA annual, my presentation, and what the hell I’m going to attend other than it. I’ve not had the chance to do any real planning, so I’m expecting I’ll probably be sitting in the van on the way to NOLA with the schedule on my lap trying to figure out what I’m doing while I’m there. If anyone is interested in saying “hey”, I’ll be attending at least the LITA BIGWIG meeting, as well as the LITA happy hour. I’d love to meet anyone and everyone, so come say hello!

Website redesign. Consuming nearly my every conscious thought are the issues related to the new website for my library\. Evaluating CMS’s is one thing, but the truth is that I don’t really know what I think of them until I actually build a test site…which I just barely might have time to do before I actually have to build the real site. Add on top of that information architecture (boy do we need a patron-centered rethinking), and the idiosyncrasies of templating for each CMS…I’m torn between reading everything I can, and just jumping in a getting my hands dirty.

On top of all this, Betsy is currently still in Costa Rica, which doesn’t improve things any. Talk about distraction!

No wonder I haven’t had much time for writing. I need to try harder on the “blog daily” thing. I find that if I miss a day or two, it becomes easier to not do it, and I hate not blogging.

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