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So in preparation for the upcoming website redesign, we’re evaluating CMS‘s at UTC. I’ve managed to get Drupal and Joomla installed, and will probably go through 2-4 more (phpMywebsite, e107, a few others) to check look and feel, ease of structure, flexibility, etc. While I’m very comfortable with the overall website design process, creating a new template for the CMS we eventually choose is going to be interesting.

I’m going to attempt to chronicle the process here on my blog, including mockups, templating, etc…both for myself as a note-taking venture, and in hopes that others might find it interesting/useful.

So far, I’m not leaning towards any particular CMS. Drupal has enormous popularity and a ton of support in the form of modules, but Joomla is far easier out-of-the-box. I’ll have to take some time and play with both, creating new templates and such before I’m clear on whether they can do what we want them to do.

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