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Jimi Wallet

While it looks like the Jimi has been around awhile (I’ve found articles in Treehugger and Gizmodo going back to 2004), it only popped onto my radar over the last few weeks. Several years ago, I decided that carrying a wallet was really stupid. I mean, a huge hunk of cowhide in my back pocket only made sitting uncomfortable, and it seemed to accumulate crap faster than I could clean it out.

My initial solution, which worked for a long time, was to use a leather business card holder as a front-pocket wallet. It held maybe 6-10 credit-card sized objects, and had just enough room for folded bills. The problem was, it too accumulated stuff (receipts, extra business card here and there) and over time it has stretched just enough so that unless it’s full, things now fall out of it when it’s opened.

Then I saw the Jimi. I bought a Jimi. And after spending a week with it, I’m completely sold. Jimi only holds (and when I say only, I mean only) 5 cards and 3 folded bills. That’s it. If you believe you need more than that on a daily basis, Jimi isn’t for you. But it perfectly deals with my: Driver’s License, Medical Card, faculty ID, RFID key, and debit card. That’s all I think I need for day to day processes. For all the stuff that I need once every 6 months (Costco card, Sam’s Club card, whatever) that will go in my old wallet, and into the glove compartment of my car.

If anyone out there is looking for a simpler way to handle wallet duties, the Jimi might just work.

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