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New Books, Blogs, and Really Simple Outreach

Go now! My presentation is live…I’m not entirely happy with the presentation (I produced multiple screencasts resolutions, and they only linked to one) but overall, I think it’s pretty good.

If anyone needs other resolutions, or a stand alone download of the screencasts, I’m going to put links in the comments of the HigherEd BlogCon post.

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I’m sorry you’re not happy with how it was presented. We felt that four different versions of each screencast would be confusing to users. I’d suggested going with the low and high versions (having 2 versions offered) but the conference organizer who entered the presentations into the blog ended up deciding to only offer one version. Perhaps I should have pushed more for having 2 versions, but I’ve had the flu for the past week, and wasn’t in any shape to push for much of anything. Thanks for putting the links to the other versions in your comments. Your presentation was really terrific!

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