Odd search engine result…

Inspired by Walt’s recent ego surfing, I decided to see what a few search engines thought of me. In doing so, I came across a really odd result….Yahoo has, as the 20th hit for the search “Jason Griffey“, a Yahoo Local page on Science and Technology.

Except that I’m not actually on the page. That is, there’s no mention of me anywhere.

Take a look for yourself.

Now, it’s true that Cowan is local…I’m just a few miles from the town. But why link me to science and technology in the area when there’s no direct textual referent?


One reply on “Odd search engine result…”

Actually, you are there. I went to your linked Yahoo! results page and clicked on the CACHED version of the 20th link. I love cached results because of the highlighting. In the cached S&T Cowan page, you’re #6, complete with your home address and phone number. It’s pulling the first few lines off of your online CV.

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