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Facebook + Library = good

Just a few ideas for the academic libraries out there. If you’re in an academic library, you probably know (I hope!) that Facebook is the site of choice for social interaction on a university campus these days. Just a couple of ideas that I thought of this week, and approached my dean to potentially implement.

1. Facebook just included a new feature they are calling “Pulse”, where they list the top 10 movies, books, tv shows, etc…on your campus. How cool would it be to do a display of the top 10 FaceBooks every week? The interaction of this virtual world being represented in the library would be very cool, and I think it would draw students to become more interested in the library as a whole.

2. The new advertisement option in Facebook could also be used to the libraries advantage. Got a program you want students to know about? Want to boost your gatecount for a speaker? Advertising on Facebook is really cheap, given the number of eyeballs on it. I’m going to see if we can do a handful of random advertisements, and just see how they effect gatecount.

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funny you should mention this. we signed ourselves up for a facebook account last year. it wasn’t very well regarded by many, if any, of the librarians. but, over the year, we’ve picked up a bunch of friends including other libraries and alot of students. it’s viral marketing, in my opinion! the pulse thing is really cool. i like your idea. also, the advertisement is very cool as well. only if there were more hours in the day to play with fun stuff like this!

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