Can’t take the sky from me…


Short review of the new Joss Whedon film Serenity:

It rocked my face right off. Seriously. I’m looking around for my face right now. Has anyone seen it?

Go see this movie right now so that Joss may make many more of these.

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I liked to movie. However, certain, well, “events” in the movie (you know what I mean), made it hard for me to to really enjoy it. Mostly I came away thinking about how much more I would have enjoyed seeing these events played out over the span of a TV show. Joss Whedon can write movies, really good ones, but TV seems to be his real gift.

loved it, loved it, loved it. I’ve only seen a few eps of the series on tv (my tivo caught it a few times – will set it up to record it consistently now). I like it because it’s funny, smart, has great character, original, and not all that complicated. Eric’s been into the really complicated shows like Babylon 5 and Farscape, and while I like them, goshdarnit, I don’t always want to be *that* challenged by television. So Firefly suits me very well. But about the movie: so fun, so exciting, so many hysterical one-liners (“am I speaking to miranda right now?” and “…now we can retire and give up this life of crime.” 🙂

Did not see your face in the theatre, although I did trip over something. 😉 We really enjoyed it. I’ve read that if it is successful, they will get the greenlight for 2 more films.

Movie rocked. The transition from TV show to Movie was a bit awkward in places though. I sat there wondering if a person hadn’t seen the TV show would they have known about all the various love interests/conflicts? Hard to fit everything in, but I think Joss did a great job. I walked out of there feeling like it had been three hours when it had only been two.

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