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My new hero: Rex Libris!

Rex Libris

Just as a tide of ignorance swells up and threatens to engulf the world, out of the ashes of the Great Library of Alexandria arises a hero, an educated fellow with fists of steel and a mind as sharp as a tack: public librarian Rex Libris. Follow the story of Rex, the tough-as-nails Head Librarian at Middleton Public Library, and his unending struggle against the forces of darkness. Wearing his distinctive, super-thick bottle glasses and armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons, he strikes fear into recalcitrant borrowers, and can take on virtually any foe — from loitering zombies to alien warlords who refuse to pay their late fees. Even the occasional infestation of rogue, public domain literary characters are dispatched with aplomb.

Everyone must check out the preview, as well as buy copies for everyone they know. I can’t wait to see how this goes…now if only there were somewhere within 50 miles I could buy it. This could well be the coolest comic book in the history of the world. 🙂

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