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Bookmark query for the blogosphere

Here’s the situation: I’ve got a large bookmark file from Netscape Navigator (4.2 megs of bookmarks…yes, you read that correctly). I would love to do a few things:

  • Be able to import it into IE (Explorer seems to just choke on it)
  • Run a link checker on it that could identify the dead links

Those two would get me started. It’s not standard HTML (having just been dumped from Netscape), so that’s a little wierd. I could massage it into psuedo-standard via find/replace, but then IE wouldn’t import it (I don’t think).


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The Netscape bookmark format is (more or less) standard HTML. They used DL, DT, and DD to define the bookmarks folders as nested lists (I believe Firefox and Mozilla still use this format). There are (or used to be) a lot of programs to do the conversion (eg Bookmark Converter). I don’t know an easy way to check the links (unless the bookmark converter will do this too), but you could parse the bookmarks file (or use regex to find all the links) and then do a link check on the extracted links. Of course, then you have to prune the list by hand.

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