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My vision for UTC

I’ve struggled with how much to discuss my new job (Reference/Instruction Librarian at UT-Chattanooga), and I think that I’ve decided to just say what I want. I never censored myself before, and I see no real reason to do so now.

That said: here’s my first impressions. I love the place, and I love the people. I’m going to really enjoy getting my fingers into the place…because honestly, they need it. Short list of things that I see myself doing:

  • Organizing and instituting a virtual reference setup
  • Set up a true information commons in the reference area
  • Creating new classes that are student-need centered rather than class-or-professor centered
  • Move the reference staff into leadership roles on campus (or at the very least into communication roles for campus)

Yeah, I’m dreaming, but I might as well dream big.

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