Back, and blog things

So we’re back from the Disney extravaganza, and it looks like the blog has been killing comments again. Spam Karma 2 just isn’t working for my needs…it’s not allowing me to easily go back and retrieve comments it incorrectly marks as spam. So no more Spam Karma, and more me moderating things manually. If you’ve left a comment and it got eaten, please let me know.

Disney stories to come, along with enough pictures to choke a horse.

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jason, re: spam comments, i find that if i blacklist the domain of a url (frequently a low probability comment word) after i get a round of spam, i stay one step ahead. in the past several weeks i think i’ve only gotten two or three spam comments held in moderation, usually because they contain more than 4 links (that’s what i have the threshold set to).

I left a bunch of comments, but nothing important. Mostly comments about comments being eaten, and comments about Zombie Apocolypses (sp?) and how if they happen you should fly to RI cause I’m all over it. Hope you had fun in Disney, too bad you can’t make Philly this week, guess I’ll just have to win it! hahaha. Later on man.

Mark Laroche!

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